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Steps to Sponsorship

1. Pray for the person's openness to God's call to discipleship, not for how to get him or her to go on a Walk.

2. Make an appointment with the person or couple for the purpose of discussing their participation in Emmaus.

3. Invite them to attend for the sake of a more vital relationship with Jesus Christ, not just a weekend to go on. Share your faith; explain the basic elements of the Walk, its purpose, and follow-up dimensions which help us live in grace for the rest of our lives. Have the attitude that you are giving them a wonderful gift rather than that they need to go. Don't assume the person(s) you are sponsoring will experience the same things you did. Each of us is at a different place on our spiritual journey. For some, the Emmaus experience will be a mountaintop, a new beginning. For others, it will be a strengthening for the journey they are already on. We must not pre-judge our pilgrims or set them up with unhelpful expectations. There are NO expected results other than the person experiencing God's love.

4. You will want to tell them the following:

  • everyone will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor or on a cot; showers are public.

  • a Pilgrim is expected to participate in all activities from 7:30PM Thursday until Closing at 5PM Sunday.

  • everyone should bring his or her own bedding, pillows, towels, and comfortable clothing.

  • no contact with family or business is expected, except for emergencies. It is not appropriate to bring pagers or cellular phones on the weekend.

  • what the three days meant to you and what it did for your personal relationship with Christ.

  • what effect the Walk had on your family, church, and job.

  • how it helped change your priorities.

  • how you have kept involved through Group Reunions, Gatherings and serving as a team member during Walks.

  • that each weekend is unique, but that each person seems to find exactly what God wants him or her to experience, if they remain open.

  • that there are 10 talks by laity and 5 by clergy; and that time is spent discussing them.

  • that there is chapel time for meditation and prayer, and communion is served every day.

  • that there is good food, fellowship, singing and fun. Special dietary needs will be accommodated with advance notice.

5. Ask them to make a commitment by filling out the Request for Reservation.
If the person is married, speak with both partners and encourage an equal commitment by both spouses. If one is willing to attend and the other is not, contact the Community Director before proceeding.

6. When you receive the completed Request for Reservation, fill out the Sponsor's form and return both to the Registrar with a $25.00 application fee ($50.00 per couple).

7. When you receive notification of the Pilgrim's acceptance, begin to collect agape letters.

8. Support the Walk through your prayers during the entire weekend. Support the Pilgrim's family by house-sitting, baby sitting, watering plants, picking up mail, feeding pets, or just checking in with a spouse to see if any help is needed.

9. Encourage the Pilgrim in his or her Fourth Day involvement. Help them find a grouping or be prepared to start a group with him or her until they find others to be in a group.

10. Help the Pilgrim re-enter their church and consider ways to act out their new commitment and enthusiasm.

11. Inform the Pilgrim of how he or she can serve the Emmaus Community and future Walks.

12. Help the Pilgrim sponsor others.

If you are ready to sponsor a pilgrim, please print these forms, ask your potential pilgrim to complete his/her form, and send both the pilgrim and completed sponsor application to our Registrar with the $25.00 application fee.

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